Credit repair can be a time consuming industry that takes away that freedom we all start a business for! Thanks to our outsourcing program that shall stop TODAY! Our program allows you to focus on building your business and enrolling and onboarding your clients ONLY.

Once onboarded, we handle all initial dispute processing for your clients within your software and on a monthly basics there on. Processing is handled within 48 hours of completed onboarding. Complete onboarding is a client whom is added to your software with all personal information, with credit monitoring complete, and ID and proof of address uploaded.

We will pull client updates every 37 days to allow the proper timing for investigations to be completed.

Our pricing is $35 per client monthly. We send dispute letters to each bureau each month which includes 24 accounts max (8 per bureau) or less if you request so. Please also note we have a 10 client minimum for outsourcing.

Larger volume pricing can be discussed for those with 50+ clients

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